Income Disclaimer


1. Introduction

Welcome to Digital Biz Agency. This document is the Income Disclaimer relevant to all products and services offered through our website, By purchasing or using any of our digital marketing courses with master resell rights, you agree to the terms laid out in this policy.
This Income Disclaimer ("Disclaimer") applies to all digital marketing courses and related materials provided by Digital Biz Agency, accessible via By using our services, you agree to this Disclaimer and understand that there are inherent risks involved with any business venture.

2. Scope of Products
Digital Biz Agency specializes in providing digital marketing courses that include master resell rights. These products are designed to educate and empower entrepreneurs in the digital marketing space. The courses are digital in nature, accessible immediately after purchase, and come with rights to resell the content under specified conditions.

3. Nature of Digital Products
Our products are digital and provided in the form of downloadable files or access via our digital platform. Once a purchase is made, the product is considered delivered. Digital products differ from physical goods in that they are immediately reproducible at little to no cost.

4. No Guarantee of Earnings or Income
Digital Biz Agency makes no express or implied claims that you will make money as a result of purchasing our courses or implementing the techniques mentioned therein. We provide educational materials that are intended to help you in your digital marketing efforts; however, we do not offer any guarantees of financial success. We assert that while our products are designed to provide valuable information and tools to succeed in digital marketing, there are no guaranteed outcomes. Success depends on various factors that are beyond our control, including individual effort, market conditions, and personal skills.

5. Your Responsibility, Effort, and Commitment
Success in digital marketing, as with any business, requires significant effort, skill, and persistence. While our courses are designed to provide the knowledge and tools needed to succeed, your individual success depends on your own abilities, dedication, and execution. Your potential to achieve significant earnings and success by using our products depends on the time you devote to the program, the ideas and techniques mentioned, your finances, knowledge, and various skills. Since these factors differ among individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level.

6. Variability of Success
The testimonials and examples provided on our website are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent, and/or assure that you will achieve similar results. They are presented to illustrate potential successes that may be achieved, but they are not typical and should not be taken as guarantees. Results from the use of our digital marketing courses vary among users. Testimonials and examples found on our website are exceptional results and do not guarantee that all purchasers will achieve similar outcomes. Success in any business requires a combination of hard work, skill, and dedication. The use of our products should be based on your own due diligence and you agree that Digital Biz Agency and its affiliates are not liable for any success or failure of your business.

7. Skills and Expertise
Your individual capacity in digital marketing, including your knowledge, expertise, and execution, affects your ability to succeed. We provide tools and learning materials, but ultimately, the execution and application of these are solely up to you.

8. Strategic Application
Success in reselling digital marketing courses also depends significantly on your business strategies. The application of effective marketing, sales techniques, and customer service will impact your ability to profit from these courses. We provide guidance and suggestions, but the practical application and adaptation to your specific market are critical.

9. Market Conditions
You acknowledge that the market dynamics play a crucial role in your success and that the economic environment is ever-changing. Market conditions that can influence sales include but are not limited to consumer demand, economic policies, and competition.

10. Use of Information
You agree to use the information from our courses and materials at your own risk. Understanding and implementing the strategies require varying levels of skills and financial input. Therefore, you should evaluate the suitability of the information provided before proceeding.

11. External Factors
Your success and income generation may be influenced by personal capabilities, economic conditions, market trends, and other external factors. Digital Biz Agency is not responsible for your actions or any losses incurred as a result of using our products or advice.

12. Legal and Financial Advice
The information provided through our services is not intended as legal or financial advice. We recommend consulting with qualified professionals to ensure that your use of our products complies with applicable laws and best business practices.

13. Modifications to the Disclaimer
We reserve the right to modify this Disclaimer at any time without prior notice. By using our website and purchasing our courses after any modifications, you agree to the updated terms as specified.

14. Contact Information
For any questions or clarification regarding this Income Disclaimer, please contact us at:

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15. Amendments to the Policy
This policy may be amended from time to time in response to changes in our practices, feedback from customers, or changes in legislation. The latest version of this policy will always be available on our website, and we will notify you of significant changes through our standard communication channels.